charity:water - endless supply of water

Cool. Refreshing. Water.

None of us drink enough of it. If we did, we’d be far healthier.

Most of us can have an endless supply of water coming to our homes and businesses – but there are those who can’t. Over 1 out of 10 people in the world – some say 1 in 6 – have to walk cross-country every day to carry water back to their homes. That should not be. Everyone should have ready access to clean water.

charity: water

There are organizations trying to remedy that. One of them is charity: water. charity: water builds wells in villages that don’t have a convenient source of clean water. They bring drinkable water to those who need it most. Not an endless supply of water, like we do; but enough so they can enjoy “the essence of life.”

Crescent Hills Water doesn’t do anything quite so noble. But we do bring drinkable water – an endless supply of the cleanest, purest, best-tasting water on the planet – to those who need it. Our Reverse Osmosis system fits under your sink or into a water cooler, uses your own water source, and dispenses purified water out of your faucet or tap. Nothing could be easier or simpler.

We like to say it is “bottled water without the bottles.” But it’s better than bottled water. The only thing that might be better – might be better – is a mountain spring in your back yard. Short of that…

Give us a call. Have an endless supply of the best-tasting water on the planet coming out of your faucet. Call 817-424-3947. Or use our online contact form.

And think about donating to charity: water.

Let’s make water a priority.