Home Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis Benefits

Reverse Osmosis transforms tap water into purified home drinking water right under your sink or counter


Under sink water filtration is easy using Crescent Hills Water technology. You can have bottled water quality in your home without the hassle of bottles. We will install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system on site under a sink or counter. You and your family will have purified drinking water right at your finger tips, saving you money while eliminating the need for plastic bottles.

Premium-grade density, pre-filtering removes sediment, dirt and other particles 8 times smaller than you can see. It also reduces chlorine and other unpleasant odors and tastes. Reverse Osmosis technology uses a semi-permeable membrane to divert dissolved salts, metals, chemicals, micro-organisms and other impurities to a drain. In addition, high-purity carbon, post-filtering polishes the water to ensure fresh-tasting, crystal-clear water every time.


POU system under sink

Our Point-of-Use (POU) system is a much cleaner way to dispense water than more expensive alternatives. It is an entirely sealed system, meaning the water is never exposed to outside air. In most bottled water coolers, only the bottle covers the water reservoir of the cooler, which is not sealed – so it is totally exposed to outside air. Our cooler has a sealed reservoir – a lid covers the reservoir – sealing the water in and keeping the air out.

Products for use under sink or counter for filtering home water

reverse osmosis water filtration

We offer a variety of products for under sink / under counter use, including this slim profile, 3-stage system shown in the two pictures above. This particular system filters 8.28 gallons of water per day. Other units in our line filter hundreds of gallons per day if that is required.

Iceberg Under Sink Water Chiller

We also have water chillers, such as the Iceberg by Crystal Mountain. The Iceberg supplies 3 gallons of cold water per hour from your tap. This compressor-driven unit is extremely quiet and compact enough to fit under most sinks. Its shock arrestor and pressure reducing valve protect it from your water main’s pressure surges.

Iceberg Under Sink Water Chiller
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