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Three typical arguments against a reverse osmosis point-of-use (POU) system are debunked:


Argument #1: “But we use the 5-gallon bottles of water…”

If you are using 5-gallon bottles of water, you can have an unlimited supply of pure, fresh water – either ice cold or steaming hot– – for a flat monthly fee. Our clients just love the fact that they have no more ordering to do, no more lifting and storing of heavy bottles, and no more running out of water.


Argument #2: “But we use the small bottles…”

If you use the small bottles (by the case), we can offer you the same quality as those small bottles of water WITHOUT the inconveniences. You shouldn’t have to lift and store cases. And consider the cost to the environment of all those plastic bottles. Millions of gallons of petroleum are used each year in the production of bottles for the water industry. According to the Container Recycling Institute, more than 60 million bottles end up in landfills and incinerators each day.


Argument #3: “But we already use a filtering system…”

If you already use a filtering system, did you know that most filtering systems only remove chlorine from the water? Our reverse osmosis system removes 99% of minerals and chemicals, producing “Aquafina” quality bottled water. We will install our system right alongside your current one – no hassles, and no cost or obligation. Compare for yourself – you can TASTE the difference. Also, with our buying power, we are able to pass on the savings to you, which can be as high as 20%!


If you want to start taking advantage of the benefits of a reverse osmosis system in your home, contact us today – we’re right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex!

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