CenterPoint Apartments were a customer [of Crescent Hills Water] for several years. After awhile, the owner wanted to try another company for a less expensive price. (The price we were paying wasn’t bad at all.) The new company never came out unless we called for service. CenterPoint Apartments eventually returned to Crescent Hills and has never looked back! Crescent Water is a great company with friendly technicians and happy to answer any questions we may have.

CenterPoint Apartments, Dallas

I am responding to the service you provided for us here at the FEDEX Alliance facility. Your company and your water technician, John, did an outstanding job. John went above and beyond what it took to take care of this large facility’s water system. As a result, you assured our perfect satisfaction.

Thank you, Terry and John, for your excellent company! And thank you for the professional service you and your team have provided us through the years! Consequently, FEDEX Alliance knows we can call on you at any time and that you will do the job with top quality service.

FEDEX Alliance, Teresa Pearson, Logistics

Chris Cinicolo says, “Thank you for such good service over the years. It is always a pleasure doing business with all of you. Here is to many more years.

“Best wishes to all,”

Chris Cinicolo

Crescent Water has been the provider of drinking water for Stacy Furniture for nearly eight years. [Owner] Terry Williams introduced us to the bottleless water cooler, converting us from bottled water. This has proven to be a wise business decision. We have saved thousands of dollars and the services have been great. Plus, we no longer have to hassle with the storage and handling of all those bottles.

Our business has grown and we have added new locations. Stacy Furniture has always called Crescent Water to provide our water coolers. Their service is completely satisfactory. As a result, we plan to continue our relationship with Crescent Water.



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