You’ll hear it time after time: “Great service!” That seems to be the consensus of our customers. And there’s a reason for it. At Crescent Hills Water, we not only provide the best reverse osmosis water system in all of North Texas. We provide professional service as well. If you’re looking for a great drinking water system or water cooler for your home or office, you have come to the right place. Read reviews from your neighbors below and visit our Home page to see why we’ve been in business for over 20 years here in the DFW metroplex. We would love to provide you with a drinking water system of your own.

Local Reviews for Fort Worth, TX

“I am responding to the service you provided for us here at the FEDEX Alliance facility. Your company and your water technician, John, did an outstanding job. John went above and beyond what it took to take care of this large facility’s water system. As a result, you assured our perfect satisfaction.

“Thank you, Terry and John, for your excellent company! And thank you for the professional service you and your team have provided us through the years! Consequently, FEDEX Alliance knows we can call on you at any time and that you will do the job with top quality service.” FedEx, Fort Worth

Fountains of Burleson Property Manager, Kristin Cavanagh, of Burleson Texas says, “You guys are the best! Thanks so much for your service to Fountains of Burleson.”– Fountains of Burleson, Kristin Cavanagh, Manager

Professional Service for Reverse Osmosis Water System


“Great service, friendly staff” – Lois, Fort Worth, TX 


“The tech is very friendly and knowledgeable with the equipment.” – Trinity, Fort Worth, TX 


“Darrell B came to service our equipment. He was very courteous and completed the job quickly.” – Shannon, Fort Worth, TX 


“Terrific service with a smile – always keeps our cooler clean and beautiful.” – Wendy, Fort Worth, TX 


“Great service, will never go back to bottled water jugs again.” – Peter C, Fort Worth, TX 


“Best service.” – Betty, Fort Worth, TX 

Friendly Staff at Crescent Hills Water


“Excellent customer service” – Jennifer, Fort Worth, TX 


“Great customer service!!” – Melody, Fort Worth, TX 


“Happy with service and quality” – Ronny, Fort Worth, TX 


“Great service, awesome price!” – Russell, Fort Worth, TX 


“Wonderful, great convenience, no heavy lifting!!” – Rhonda, Fort Worth, TX 


“Great service” – Guadalupe, Fort Worth, TX 

Best Price on Water Filtration System


Fast & efficient” – Angela, Fort Worth, TX 


“Great!” – Seth, Fort Worth, TX 


“Excellent job!!” – Chassitty, Fort Worth, TX