maintenance issues

How often do I need to replace my filter?

Most important among maintenance issues is that you replace your filters at least once a year. Your Crescent Hills representative can give you an optimal change-out period based on your usage. We also suggest changing the storage tank air charge when we sanitize your system, which we do at no cost to you.

We can connect our under-the-counter / under sink system to ice makers, refrigerator water dispensers and instant hot water dispensers. Using plastic tubing, we will run a water line from under the sink to the refrigerator. Plastic tubing is best because existing copper tubing is often corroded and scaled from tap water use. The purified water running through our system may dislodge this buildup and create problems in the ice maker. Our recommendation is not to use copper tubing unless absolutely necessary.

POU system under sink

What about ice makers?

For an ice maker, we can supply a special hookup kit that includes all the tubing and fittings required for the typical ice maker and/or refrigerator water dispenser connections. Getting and keeping great-tasting ice from your refrigerator has never been easier.

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