Step 1


Once our technician locates a source of water – usually under a sink – installation is pretty simple and can be completed within an hour.

Step 2


Using specified fittings, he will attach to your water line and install a water shut-off.

Step 3

maintenance issues

He then connects the water supply to Crescent Hills Reverse Osmosis System and installs the filters.

Step 4


Next, he runs a line from the filtration device to a water dispenser…

Step 5


… using every precaution to conceal the tubing for a clean and professional look. (You’ll barely know we’ve been there.)

Step 6


Lastly, he connects the water dispenser to the tubing, plugs it in and adds the final touches.

Step 7


You are now ready to experience the true, refreshing taste of Crescent Hills purified water at your finger tips.

Step 8


Hot or cold.