great customer service

Crescent Hills Water customers really seem to appreciate us, and we appreciate them!

Over our 25-year history, we’ve tried to provide great customer service – and it’s paid off! Listen to what some of our customers in Dallas are saying about us:

“We [give] the various systems provided to us by Crescent Hills [a real workout,] so we are bound to have maintenance calls. Any time I have ever called their office they are awesome and have someone sent out ASAP. Each technician that I have met is very courteous and knowledgeable. Thanks for always being there. Plus the water is GREAT!”

– Kendra, Dallas, TX

“The guys who come out here for service are always so nice! Great price, great water… winning combination!”

– Rachael, Dallas, TX

“Darrell Brodrick came out to do our semi-annual cooler service. He was great. I recommend you guys all the time. I have used CH for 3-4 years now. No complaints at all. Thank you guys for your service.”

– Chet Gilliland @ Aaron’s TU, Dallas, TX

“Darrell B was very nice and respectful. He finished very quickly with minimal interruption to service… I thought he did an awesome job. Thanks Darrell!”

– Jason, Dallas, TX

Our customers think we give them great customer service. That’s because our service people are the best!

“We had an amazing employee [of Crescent Hills Water] come into our business this morning named John Farrand. He had the most amazing positive attitude! John asked to buy some of our boss’ Girl Scout cookies that her daughter is selling, but my boss was not into selling them to him. He left $10 for her anyways and asked me to put it toward her Girls Scout money! I was very impressed with his kindness. We need more people like this guy!”

– Jessica, Dallas, TX

“The service was exceptionally satisfying and the technician provided a professional level of service and attitude.”

– John, Dallas, TX

“Very confident and trusting of the serviceman’s thorough attention to detail. I rarely have to call them for service, but when I do call, they are quick to respond and do their work well! I NEVER have to call to remind them that it is time to check the unit or change the filters, etc.!”

– Linda, Dallas, TX

Kind of makes you want to have a service problem, doesn’t it, just so you can call one of our guys in?

Don’t wait! Call us now to have one of our Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems installed for your home or office. Experience our great customer service for yourself. Call 817-424-3947 or use our online contact form