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Three Ways to Get

better-tasting, purer drinking water

This is the second article in a three-part series. We’re discussing three ways to get better-tasting, purer drinking water for your home or office. At the same time, we want to protect the environment. We will list all three, then deal with the second option, a faucet-mounted filter. The three ways are

  1. pitcher filter, such as Brita offers;
  2. faucet-mounted filter, such as PUR offers;
  3. Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtering system, such as Crescent Hills Water offers.

If you missed the first article, which was on pitcher filters, you can go back to it here.

Option 2: Faucet-Mounted Filter

The second way to filter water is with a faucet-mounted filter, such as PUR offers.

In most ways, they do a better job filtering out impurities – especially lead – than pitcher filters. Like pitcher filters, faucet-mounted filters use carbon to do their filtering. Here’s what PUR says about their filters:

“The vast majority of filters used by consumers once water reaches our homes are made of activated carbon… As a result, a faucet-mounted filter from PUR will remove chlorine; pharmaceuticals and chemicals; heavy metals such as lead and mercury; and other organic compounds that can give water an unwelcome taste and odor.”

As with pitcher filters, the emphasis is on taste and odor rather than purity. Also, as with all carbon-based filters, faucet-mounted filters do not remove nitrates or fluoride.

So, while faucet-mounted filters do have an advantage over pitcher filters, they are still carbon-based and still limited in what they can filter out.

And what about it being attached to the end of the faucet? Some users complain that it gets in their way. Wouldn’t it be better to have a system that filters the water coming through your faucet without the attachment? A system that does a better job than carbon-based filters are capable of? A system that offers options such as chilling the water before it comes out, having the ability to attach to your ice-maker, etc?

Then check out Option 3: Reverse Osmosis Filtering System, our very next article.

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