Chiller Daddy Under Sink Water Chiller

Chiller Daddy Under Sink is the “Daddy” of Remote Water Chiller Units

Chiller Daddy under sink

Chiller Daddy under sink unit for home or office use has a full 304 Stainless Steel waterway. It’s perfect for Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. It has a chilling capacity of 1.32 GPH (gallons per hour). The unit easily installs directly under sink, inside of cabinet* or may be located in a service area, such as a basement or garage. Be careful not to allow it to freeze.

Chiller Daddy runs quiet because of its 3-Way Noise Suppression system. It’s light-weight, easy to install and takes up very little room. If you want your water safe, pure and COLD, there really is no better way to go.


  • 100% SUS304 stainless steel waterway
  • Whisper quiet 3-way noise suppression system
  • Adjustable water thermostat 42F – 54F – factory pre-set for normal use
  • Auto overload protection – thermally protected motor-compressor
  • Fast 1.32 GPH flow rate – quick recovery
  • Easy to install


  • Dimensions: 406 mm long x 203 mm wide x 300 mm high (16″ long x 8″ wide x 11.75″ high)
  • Weight: 23.75 lbs

This is our Chiller Daddy under sink water chiller. For more information on renting or purchasing a system for your home or office, contact us today. Call 817-424-3947 or use our online contact form.