“Bottled water without the bottles” means that Crescent Hills Water gives you water that is as pure and good-tasting as bottled water, but without the hassle of bottles. We do that with a process called Reverse Osmosis (RO). And we do it in the entire Dallas – Fort Worth area. We have Reverse Osmosis in Dallas, Reverse Osmosis in Fort Worth, and we will provide Reverse Osmosis water to you and any other North Texan that needs it. Just give us a call.


Under sink water filtration is easy using Crescent Hills Water technology. You can have bottled water quality in your home without the hassle of bottles. We will install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system on site under a sink or counter. The system then transfers the water to the faucet on your sink through tubing that we provide. This gives you an unlimited supply of pure, fresh water for a monthly fee that can save you up to 20% on what you are spending now. Read more…


In response to COVID-19, we are now offering touchless, bottleless water coolers. Now you can enjoy the same pure, good-tasting water that we’ve always offered, without having to touch anything and without the hassle of bottles. Our coolers have infrared sensors that respond to movement, so there is no chance of spreading germs. This is the safest technology available, and you can find it right here at Crescent Hills Water. Check it out now!

Family Owned

We are family owned, so we are committed to serving the DFW area – and have been for over 30 years! Because of our commitment, we treat customers ethically and we behave responsibly toward the environment. Our commitment extends to using top-of-the-line technology like Reverse Osmosis in filtering our water. For these reasons, you cannot do better than Crescent Hills Water for your home or office. We are your best choice in the Dallas – Fort Worth area for a water filtration company.

Purity and Responsibility

Why would a water filtration company think that protecting the environment AND providing people with safe, healthy drinking water is a conflict of interest? In reality, they go hand-in-hand. And Crescent Hills knows that. That’s why we use point-of-use (POU) technology and the most modern methods of filtration, like Reverse Osmosis. Because we are committed to both people AND the environment, not only people today benefit, but future generations will benefit as well.

Why Reverse Osmosis Water?

Of all the ways water can be filtered and purified, Reverse Osmosis (RO) has proven to be the safest and most affordable. Reverse Osmosis gives you the highest quality, best tasting drinking water, while also protecting the environment. The benefits of Reverse Osmosis filtering have been proven time and again. But don’t just believe us. Do your own research. Learn more here.

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Benefits of Crescent Hills bottleless water coolers & filtration systems:

  • Freed up storage space – eliminates bottles and jugs
  • Water filtered on site using Reverse Osmosis (RO)
  • Always a supply of better-tasting drinking water available
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance (sanitation and filter changes)
  • No contracts
  • Environmentally responsible – no plastic bottles to dispose of
  • Premium service from North Texas’ most responsible water filtration company
  • Custom installation – we adapt our system to your needs
  • Increased family, employee and client satisfaction

If your family or company wants to start taking advantage of the benefits of a bottle-free water cooler and filtration systems, contact us today. We’re right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex!

truth about tap water

The Truth About Tap Water

[This article appeared in a local newspaper recently.]

“While the tap water you drink may look clean, it may also contain harmful contaminants. These include lead, pesticides and industrial pollutants. They may be picked up on the journey from your water treatment plant through miles of pipes to your home.

“To help clear up any misconceptions about what’s really in your water, the experts at PUR offer this myth-busting advice:

“Myth: Living close to a fresh water source makes tap water safer to drink.

Truth:  Even if you live close to a fresh water source, your water goes on a long journey through an often aging infrastructure before it reaches your tap. According to Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc., up to 100 million lead service lines are still in use in the country today. Potentially, this allows lead particles to enter your water.

“Myth: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates all contaminants.

Truth:  There are about 100,000 potential contaminants in drinking water. According to the EPA, its Safe Drinking Water Act only regulates 103. That means water that meets the government’s safe drinking standards may not meet yours.

“Myth: All water filters are created equal.

Truth:  While both pitcher and faucet filters remove unwanted contaminants, a faucet filter is usually a step up from a pitcher. This is because it has a longer life and can remove even more contaminants, including lead. [Editor:  A Reverse Osmosis filter system can and does remove even more.] As every brand is different, it’s important to check the types of contaminants each filter removes. You can then confirm that it is certified by NSF and the Water Quality Association for contamination reduction. Doing so can help you get the healthiest, cleanest tasting water possible. [Crescent Hills Water is certified by both NSF and the Water Quality Association, plus the Texas Water Quality Association.]

More Truth

“Myth: You can determine if tap water is safe to drink by how it looks, smells and tastes.

Truth:  While your water might look, smell and taste clean, it could contain contaminants that are potentially harmful to your health. These include lead, which is colorless, odorless and has no taste.

“‘Knowing what’s in the water you drink and cook with is important, but determining the quality of your local water supply can seem daunting,’ said Keri Glassman, registered dietitian, nutritionist and PUR spokesperson. ‘Fortunately, there’s a free online resource called It allows users to type in any address to easily learn about lead and other possible contaminates in their water.’

[Editor:  I went to the web site, and it turns out that it is owned by PUR. So, while the information given about my address is interesting, information on lead contamination in my water was not available. The web site is really more of an ad selling PUR’s services. I’ll stick with Crescent Hills Water’s Reverse Osmosis filtering.]

“Myth: Boiling water removes lead.

Truth:  Boiling water may reduce bacteria found in the water, but will not remove lead. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the lead concentration of water can actually increase slightly when water is boiled. This is because some of the water evaporates during the boiling process.”


Crescent Hills Water’s Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtering system removes 99% of harmful minerals and chemicals, including lead. If you want to start taking advantage of the benefits of a Reverse Osmosis system in your home or office, contact us today. We’re right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex! Call 817-424-3947 or use our online contact form.

Some of our nearly 3,000 customers:

  • Massage Envy
  • European Wax Centers
  • TGI Fridays
  • DGNO
  • Zurn
  • Federal Express
  • Lhoist North America
  • Meridian Business Centers
  • International Trucks
  • Apex
  • Dannon
  • Stacy’s Furniture
  • RPMX Contruction
  • Pet Love
  • Adolphus Hotel
  • Yard Art
  • International Paper
  • Papa Johns
  • Daryl Flood
  • Meadows Foundation
  • Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Floor N Decor
  • Car dealerships all around the metroplex
  • Caliber Collision
  • ADP
  • Different schools and school district offices
  • SMU
  • UNT
  • UTA
  • Churches
  • Frost, PlainsCapital, Spirit of Texas & other banks
  • Ozburn Hessey
  • Property management companies: Post, Greystar, Milestone, Pinnacle

What some of our customers are saying:

The product is delicious!

Our company with 60 employees was lugging around the bottled water to make sure everyone had good drinking water available. We sampled Crescent Hills product in a portion of the office to get feed back and found everyone loved it. We converted the entire office and now our residence as well. It is easier, cleaner and less expensive than the bottles. I have found Crescent Hills Water to be professional and easy to work with. The order process was simple. The tech, Mr. Farrand, made a house call discussed the install options and returned to install them efficiently and tidy. The product is delicious!” – Barb Stone, Pet Love

I will be a customer for life!

“I have been a customer of Crescent Hills Water for over 5 years and I LOVE my Alpine Water Cooler! It has spoiled me and my girls — we just love the convenience of having filtered, cold or hot water on the ready. I had no idea how much I would use it daily when I first had it installed, and now it is something that I cannot live without. Mason and Jon have been incredibly helpful when I’ve needed to replace filters or had questions. I will be a customer for life!” – Sherry Robinson

Hands down, I will use their services…

John came to my house to install my reverse osmosis system on 9/27/18. He was professional, courteous and did an excellent job with the installation. Hands down, I will use their services in the future. I highly recommend Crescent Hills Water to anyone needing their services. ” – Mercedes Alfaro, Dallas

More testimonials:

I am looking forward to clean water forever…

“HI Mason! John was just here and got me all hooked up! I just wanted to tell you what a great job he did. He was clean and courteous and friendly. He did a swift, efficient install using my overflow thingy, and then he explained it all to me. And guess what? Your water faucet exactly matches my new main faucet that was installed yesterday! I am one happy customer. Now what? I guess you need a cc number for the monthly fee? Thank you for all of your patience with me Mason! I am looking forward to clean water forever… 🙂 ” – Kim, Plano TX

I can’t say enough about this company!

Crescent Hills installer John arrived right on time. He reviewed the space necessary to do the required installation. John asked a couple of questions that aided the installation. As a result, he was able to complete the task to our satisfaction in a very short time. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the product provided. Crescent Hills did a great job communicating prior to our installation. And John did a great job with the installation. I can’t say enough about this company!” – RT

We are proud to say we are now back with Crescent Water.

“Crescent Water has serviced the Canyons Apartments community for over 10 years. They have been consistent with meeting our expectations. For example, the customer service is always great, quick response time and friendly employees. Canyons Apartments recently left Crescent Water for another provider that promised more for less. They ended up giving us less for more. As a result, we are proud to say we are now back with Crescent Water.” Canyons Apartments, Shauna Pence, Community Manager

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Never looked back!

“CenterPoint Apartments were a customer [of Crescent Hills Water] for several years. After awhile, the owner wanted to try another company for a less expensive price. (The price we were paying wasn’t bad at all.) The new company never came out unless we called for service. CenterPoint Apartments eventually returned to Crescent Hills and has never looked back! Crescent Water is a great company with friendly technicians and happy to answer any questions we may have.” CenterPoint Apartments, Dallas

Friendly Technicians - CenterPoint Apartments

You guys are the best!

Fountains of Burleson Property Manager, Kristin Cavanagh, of Burleson Texas says, “You guys are the best! Thanks so much for your service to Fountains of Burleson.” Fountains of Burleson, Kristin Cavanagh, Manager

More satisfied customers:

Outstanding job – excellent company

“I am responding to the service you provided for us here at the FEDEX Alliance facility. Your company and your water technician, John, did an outstanding job. John went above and beyond what it took to take care of this large facility’s water system. As a result, you assured our perfect satisfaction. Thank you, Terry and John, for your excellent company! And thank you for the professional service you and your team have provided us through the years! Consequently, FEDEX Alliance knows we can call on you at any time and that you will do the job with top quality service.” FedEx, Fort Worth

FedEx Express professional service

A wise business decision

“Crescent Water has been the provider of drinking water for Stacy Furniture for nearly eight years. [Owner] Terry Williams introduced us to the bottleless water cooler, converting us from bottled water. This has proven to be a wise business decision. We have saved thousands of dollars and the services have been great. Plus, we no longer have to hassle with the storage and handling of all those bottles. Our business has grown and we have added new locations. Stacy Furniture has always called Crescent Water to provide our water coolers. Their service is completely satisfactory. As a result, we plan to continue our relationship with Crescent Water.

“Respectfully,” Stacy Furniture, William T. Cherry III, Controller

bottle-less water cooler - stacy furniture

Very few companies seem to run as smoothly

“Just wanted to say a great big thank you to the nice young man who came out and put in my new filter today. He was professional, courteous, explained things to me I didn’t know before about my filter, troubleshot some things regarding a leak I had (wasn’t in your equipment) and even dust-busted under the fridge for me. I don’t think I adequately said how I felt about his help today. Please take this as the highest compliment to him and to your entire staff. Very few companies seem to run as smoothly as yours does… at least from this end!” – Judy Shields, Roanoke

Thank you for such good service

Chris Cinicolo says, “Thank you for such good service over the years. It is always a pleasure doing business with all of you. Here is to many more years.

“Best wishes to all,” – Chris Cinicolo

Love this place!

“I am so glad I found this place!! I’m saving so much money not buying bottled water, not to mention no more hassle of lugging bottles out the store and into the house! There’s zero waste and I love having unlimited CLEAN water at any time. The installers Darrell and John are super professional and friendly, and installation is quick and easy. They even replace the filters for free when it’s time, and everyone at Crescent is so helpful with any questions. Love this place!” – Brandi V., Coppell TX

If your family or company wants to start taking advantage of the benefits of a water filtration company that provides a bottleless water cooler and filtration system, contact us today – we’re right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex!


Let’s improve together!

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